Water & Vine Manor & Carriage House Wedding | Kelly + Brent | Paw Paw, Michigan Wedding Photography


Kelly & Brent were married at the Historic Water & Vine Manor & Carriage House Estate in Paw Paw, Michigan.   They had an intimate backyard ceremony in front of the carriage house & reception under a tent by the pool.  Friends and family gathered from all over the country to celebrate this couple and the start of a new life and family.  View more of the beautiful day below and learn more about Kelly & Brent’s love story, too!  Congratulations Kelly & Brent, it was lovely capturing the joy of your special day!



What is your engagement story?

“Brent and I met training for the Circular Logic marathon.  He proposed the third time we rain the same race.   There’s a ton of significance to the race- it’s run in rings, and the medal is a circle that never ends.  By the end of the race this year, I was a mess. We had to walk because I was wiped out. I still wanted to quit at mile 23, but that wouldn’t make a very good proposal story. We were rounding our very last lap, very slowly, when we made it to the marker for mile 0.0. The beginning. He stopped, took my hand and bent down. I was very confused – I could see the finish line, why were we stopping.  I heard the words: “Kelly Mahoney, will you marry me?” I was overjoyed. I couldn’t process it. It was happening! I didn’t even see the ring as I put it on my frozen and swollen fingers. I saw our future. One that’s happy and active and loving and supported.”

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What was most important to you when planning your wedding?

“We had a wedding so we could include the kids. We wanted them to have a memory of when we became a family.  We wanted a low-key affair where we could enjoy the company of our family and focus on what’s important.   The goal was to host a big party with vows in between.”


Kelly requested the image above on the left of Zoe wearing her wedding shoes.  She has a plan for the picture when Zoe gets married someday!

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What is your favorite memory from your wedding?

“I loved our vows, and having our closest friend perform the ceremony. My favorite memory of the wedding was how happy Zoe was. I was struck with how much of a grown up she was that day. I was so pleased my dad was there and felt well enough to have a good time.  I thought the food was really good too!”

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How will you describe the feeling you had on your wedding day?

“Our wedding day was everything we hoped it would be. Everyone felt welcome and included. The house was beautiful and the party was what we had  hoped for.”

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  1. What a beautiful setting….for a beautiful Bride and a handsome Groom. I love the pictures …such a great job by your Photographer. Many wonderful memories for the Future. Congratulations Brent & Kelly & Family…..thank you for the wonderful pictures.
    Love always. Grandma Brown……xxoo

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