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I was first introduced to Mike and Morrison Jewelers when my husband proposed and I needed the shiny new bling on my finger sized!  My hubby had designed my ring with Mike Morrison, and I still smile whenever I look at my left hand.   Mike tells his clients that he isn’t the designer, they are.  He is just the conduit.  When guys come in with no ideas for engagement rings he asks a lot of questions about the bride to be…her personality, clothing, occupation, and decorating style are just a few clues.   Mike’s passion is designing.  He loves trying to get both the man & woman’s personality into the ring and figuring out what customer’s really want is his specialty.

My favorite part about Morrison Jewelers is that they treat you like family.  I don’t think of Mike as a salesman, I think of him as a trusted friend.  Mike and his sisters own and run the business.  One family, three generations, 83 years!  The passion and fun are still there in the 3rd generation of the business.  That is rare.
How did Morrison’s Jeweler’s get started?
Mike’s grandfather loved cars and was a gifted mechanic.   What he didn’t love was always having dirty hands.  On a super hot summer day at the garage his glasses kept sliding off his nose.  He made a trip to the optometrist.  Back then eye dr’s were also watchmakers.  He saw the beauty and engineering in a watch and a career change soon took place.
Mike’s grandfather went on to manage large jewelry stores and dreamed of having his own store one day.  He eventually opened a tiny watchmaker store in Kalamazoo.   A diamond dealer came to visit his shop one day.  He knew of his reputation as a large store manager and knew how he treated his clients. A wonderful partnership was formed and the first diamonds were displayed at Morrison Jewelers!
Mike’s dad loved art, history and religion.  When he went to college he debated over becoming an art teacher, history teacher or minister.  He worked part time at the store & realized he was using all three of his talents at the store.  The joy that comes when a couple picks out the engagement ring… he was hooked!
What is the best part about your job?
To be part of people’s memories.  No one’s story is the same.  High school sweethearts, 2nd marriages, someone who lost a spouse and is lucky enough to have found love a second time.  Its a blast learning each person’s story and their story has to be shared through the gift they are choosing.  Most everything that comes in the store is a happy moment.
What advice do you have for couples?
For men, don’t propose on a holiday.  Women want their own day to remember and celebrate getting engaged.   For women, having your rings checked regularly is vital.  Back in the day having your ring checked once a year was the norm.   In our culture today women are working full time, busy with kids and family activities in the evenings and weekends.  Rings should be checked once a season, so four times a year.

I tell each couple I come in contact with about Morrison Jewelers.   Here are a few of the lovely couples I’ve had the privilege of working with.  They will all testify of the the wonderful experience they had at Morrison’s!


Morrison Jewelers | Small Business Spotlight | Carrie Miles Photography


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