Loft 310 Wedding | Mindy + Bryan | Downtown Kalamazoo, Michigan

Mindy and Bryan  were married on October 13th at Loft 310.   The ceremony was on the sky deck with the reception on the 3rd floor loft.  I love a wedding that is all in one location!  It was a beautiful fall day filled with joy and laughter.  Here are just a few of my favorite images from the best day of their lives!

What is your engagement story?

“Bryan went and picked out the ring and had it for a couple months and was planning on proposing when we were in Vegas for our anniversary.  It was eating a hole in his pocket and he started having second thoughts about bringing it on the plane and finding the perfect place to do it…so he decided to do it earlier and involve my daughter a bit.  I have always talked to Bryan about what I call “type trays”.  My grandma always had them hanging on the wall my entire life and I just love them.  If you don’t know what they are it is an old wooden tray that used to be used to “typing letters” for newspapers, books, etc, before it was digital.  Now they can be hung on the wall and put your little tiny trinkets in from vacations, memories, etc.  Well, we were just hanging around the house one Sunday and he and Audrey were messing with our tray on our wall all day to the point I was a little annoyed.  They kept finding stuff to put in it and talked about it constantly.  It was getting late and I was aggravated because Audrey was supposed to be in bed.   She insisted I look at what she found to put in it.  Bryan had almost given up but I FINALLY noticed that the ring was in the type tray right in front of me!  So then he got down on one knee and proposed.

Mindy & Bryan had their first look on the staircase leading up to the sky deck.

After the ceremony we took wedding party pictures at Bow in the Clouds Preserve.

What is your favorite memory from your wedding day?

“Probably my first dances with Bryan and my dad.  It was so nice to have “our moments” in an otherwise crazy hectic day.  Seeing my 90 year old grandma cutting a rug on the dance floor made me so happy as well!”

They had pancake flavored cupcakes with bacon on top and awesome donuts instead of cake.  Yummy!

How will you describe the feeling you had on your wedding day?

Finally feeling complete…I always felt I was missing something and missing out on life marrying later in life, but quickly realized when I met Bryan that there was a reason I had waited so long…because I just hadn’t met my person yet.  In such a busy day it was so amazing to finally feel like I had found my forever place in life and we could just begin our lives as a family.

All the best in your new life Mindy & Bryan!

Loft 310 Wedding | Downtown Kalamazoo, Michigan


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